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Team: Bene Wahlbrink, Eugenio Cappuccio, Julius Grambow

Location: London, United Kingdom

Type: Competition

Year: 2020

In past years, the Regent's Canal has seen an increase in congestion from both boats and commercial gentrification. The spot alongside the Hoxton Docks that houses the various sites for the Antepavilion possesses a unique character already as it is, with the pontoons that will form the base of the intervention acting as a continuation of the wharf's footprint onto the water. To propose a permanent intervention, therefore, would only contribute to the overcrowding of the waterways, as well as becoming another target for contentious planning opposition and criticisms. Instead, we proposed to consolidate the platform’s function with the minimum essential infrastructure needed to congregate, and focus the rest of our efforts on a diverse programme of happenings over the course of a summer that runs alongside that of Hoxton Docks.

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Floating Forum provides a backdrop for social discourse. The central object is a table, serving as platform, stage, foundation, showroom and, most importantly, as a catalyst for gathering conversations around food. The discussions that happen around the dinner table are usually the most animated, interesting and memorable, primarily due to their informality. This quality is one we aim to ‘bring to the table’ to all of the events that will take place, and will act as a mediator for talking, learning, exhibiting, relaxing and much more.

A Peasant Feast outside of an Inn

Cornelis Droochsloot (1630-1673)

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The Floating Forum

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