Team: Eugenio Cappuccio

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Type: Documentary film

Year: 2019

The suspended viaduct is a common feature in the urban landscape of Zürich, constituting an element of the city’s contemporary vernacular. It is both a physical and metaphorical paradox. It connects districts whilst dissecting others. Its physical and structural presence negotiates space both horizontally and vertically, yet its function is often only explored on its upper plane. How can the concrete delimitations of physical boundaries be transformed into porous membranes facilitating the exchange between different social groups, subcultures and activities?


This film and accompanying photographic essay illustrate the urban condition generated by the Hardturm viaduct in the district of Zürich-West. They aim to convey the atmosphere and evolving conditions generated by the presence of this monumental structure within the post-industrial landscape that characterises this area of Zürich. The reportage aims to pose the question; how can citizens claim back and appropriate the un-defined spaces left over as residue of real estate development in this former industrial quarter?


Filmed, edited and soundtrack by Eugenio Cappuccio 

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