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Panta Rhei Collaborative is a pan-European spatial agency founded in 2020 and currently based in Berlin, London and Zurich. We emerged  from the common desire to investigate the role of spatial practitioners in their contemporary ecological and social responsibilities. In proposing work methodologies as a model of internal and external collaboration, PRC locates spatial practice at the intersection of several creative disciplines.
Currently, our topics of reflection address culture as a means for regaining control of public commons; empathy and ecology as foundational environments; decentralising and opening up access to spatial discourse; addressing inequality and discrimination in both the origins and effects of creative labour; finding responsibility for the virtual realm, as much as the physical one.


Bene Wahlbrink


Eugenio Cappuccio


Julius Grambow



Contact us at if you have an enquiry or would like to collaborate on a project. We are currently based in London, Berlin and Zürich.

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Panta Rhei Collaborative is a Non-Profit organisation. All material is used for educational or research purposes only and does not involve commercial interests. We do not hold any responsibility for the content discussed in any of the sessions or descriptions mentioned by third parties on this website.

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