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Panta Rhei Collaborative is a newly fledged, pro-European collaborative that works across borders. It seeks to bring together various creative practices, methodologies and ideologies to co-operate on interdisciplinary design projects of social, political and cultural relevance. By bridging theory and practice through a discursive approach to analysing culture and the city, it considers architecture as more than just a physical dimension. 

Our present times are characterised by fast-paced transformations of our environment; tensions in power relations, the dissolution of old borders and the creation of new ones, economic hegemony and the commodification of culture, labour exploitations, cultural homogenisation versus the strengthening of local identities, climate crisis, post-truths and populism, the evolution of domestic landscapes and many more.

The aphorism Panta Rhei roughly translates to ‘everything flows’. This transience and state of constant change is one that accurately describes the current social, political and cultural flux in which we find ourselves. Panta Rhei Collaborative looks to employ a critical rethinking of the way in which we consider our environment, and reformulate what the role of our profession is in response to these ever-changing dynamics.


Bene Wahlbrink


Eugenio Cappuccio


Julius Grambow



Contact us at if you have an enquiry or would like to collaborate on a project. We are currently based in London, Berlin and Zürich.

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Panta Rhei Collaborative is a Non-Profit organisation. All material is used for educational or research purposes only and does not involve commercial interests. We do not hold any responsibility for the content discussed in any of the sessions or descriptions mentioned by third parties on this website.

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