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About our guest:

Mia Hägg is an architect and the founder of Habiter Autrement. During the earlier part of her career, she worked on large scale projects at Ateliers Jean Nouvel including the Dentsu Tower in Tokyo and, subsequently, at Herzog & de Meuron, where she was the Design Project Manager for National Stadium of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Habiter Autrement has built three award-winning public housing projects in Bordeaux, as well as one in Paris comprising some forty units. Among other work, in which the office is currently engaged, is an extension of the former school of architecture in Stockholm, a significant brutalist landmark. The firm enjoys collaborating with other architects, as well as with those from other disciplines. In parallel to running her practice, Mia Hägg has been teaching at both Bachelor and Master levels at prestigious universities and is a frequent lecturer and jury member internationally.

Image credit: © Philippe Ruault

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About the topic:


'Habiter Autrement' is not easy to translate accurately. 'To Live Differently', is the online translation proposal, but the French habiter has a broader meaning than to live ; it also implies to dwell, to inhabit.


The choice of office name was linked to a topic that has been an important focus of Mia Hägg’s: public housing. This is also the topic for this Panta Rhei Spotlights discussion. Public housing, more than any other area in architecture, is characterised by legislative constraints and limited budgets, frequently leading to compromised designs. Habiter Autrement has endeavoured to rethink the common assumptions of housing, looking for ways to go beyond the standard solutions often imposed by developers and construction companies. How can we as architects design for clients we have never met? What are the possibilities and how do we overcome the obstacles in this crucial, but often neglected area of architecture?

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Discussion date: Thursday 19th November, 2020.

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